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Tree vs Zombie Warface


GAME STORYTree vs Zombie Warface is a small planet with life of tree and zombie warface. Plant defender separated from zombie. A story like classic game Zombies vs Plants. An old story from plant vs monster but a new game.ZOMBIE VS TREE FEATUREOver the course of evolution. Tree vs Zombie Warface have changed. You touch at a point on the map of plant defender, those trees that will shoot this point. Tree vs Zombie Warface retains some old features too: Zombie walk and zombie attack - Plant defend on its line.
NEW CHANGES COMPARED TO PLANT VS MONSTERZombie vs tree, they can shoot, slash or bite. A fascinating challenge. Each level. Plant defender: Tree and Plant war will have different positions. Zombie will also change:Boy zombie, Rocket zombie and Swat zombie . You have to change the play.
CHANGELESS OF PLANT VS MONSTERZombie vs tree too but they only eat. And tree vs zombie too. They only shoot. Plant defend and zombie attack.
COME ON! Fight and finish the war of zombie vs tree.